– HPC appliance delivers new way to access cloud, helps clients manage data security risks –

Tokyo, Japan, May 10, 2018 – Japanese HPC Cloud Company XTREME-D today announced a Proof of Concept (PoC) program for XTREME-Stargate (trademark pending), a gateway appliance that delivers a new way to access and manage high performance cloud. The appliance removes security concerns when using public or hybrid cloud by providing secure hardware-based data management and access to two types of dedicated HPC baremetal instances at the “secure” and “secret” security levels at the data center. It is currently in development and will launch at SC 18, with a prototype available at ISC 18 next month.

XTREME-Stargate is a small set-top linux appliance that can easily connect to HPC cloud with basic setup over a web portal using the XTREME-DNA interface. It functions as a “super head node” for HPC cloud clusters, providing access to on-premise, private, and public cloud without integration headaches, and allowing connections to baremetal cloud (either shared or dedicated), in addition to the public cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS that have always been accessible via XTREME-DNA.

XTREME-D, formerly known as XTREME-Design Inc., is well-known in Japan for architecting technical computing in the cloud. The award-winning company develops and sells XTREME-DNA, a cloud-based, virtual, supercomputing-on-demand service that provides unattended services ranging from the construction of a high-speed analysis system on the cloud to optimal operation monitoring, and eliminates the systems after use. XTREME-DNA was launched to cut costs and make it easy to build HPC clusters in just in 10 minutes. Cost savings extend beyond equipment, as engineers with the specialized skills required to construct complex clusters are no longer needed.

“XTREME-Stargate was developed to bring more features and larger-scale functionality to our global customers,” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D. The company’s global customers cannot currently take advantage of the additional HPC cloud services XTREME-DNA can offer when used in conjunction with IaaS provided by SkyScale®, as SkyScale is only offered in US-based data centers. “XTREME-Stargate is a product for larger Enterprise customers and longer-term use, and allows for use of private cloud and Hybrid cloud, whereas XTREME-DNA is a product for the small- and mid-sized market, and is mainly focused on public cloud use,” explained Shibata.

XTREME-D is currently looking for early adopters who are interested in participating in a Proof of Concept (PoC) program for XTREME-Stargate during Q4 2018. The company will accept 10 qualified users in total; eight will get access to XTREME-D’s new dedicated cloud IaaS via a virtual machine, and two will get to try the physical set-top box. Applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis. To apply, please visit https://xtreme-d.net/en/2018-xtreme-stargate-poc.

Visit XTREME-D at booth J-513 at ISC 18 in Frankfurt, Germany from June 25–27 for an eyes-only sneak peak at XTREME-Stargate.


XTREME-D, Inc. was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. The well-funded, award-winning startup boasts leadership with over 15 years of experience in high-performance computing and cloud technologies. Its cloud-based, virtual, supercomputing-on-demand service XTREME-DNA makes HPC resources available to everyone, delivering an easy-to-use customer experience through a robust UI/UX and cloud management features. XTREME-DNA delivers high-end compute capabilities supporting private, public, and hybrid cloud, featuring the latest CPUs, GPUs, and interconnect options. Applications include CAE, machine learning, deep learning, high performance data analysis, and IoT.