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Re:Branding to AXXE-L

Hello, everyone. This is Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new instance and rebranding of our service.

We decided to rebrand the “XTREME-Stargate” that we have been developing so far, and from now on we will proceed to a new stage with a new brand name, “AXXE-L” (pronounced as accel). There were several considerations and thoughts behind changing the brand name, but I would like you to accept this as if a company changes the brand name when it expands its business outside of the country where it was founded.

I was wondering whether to rebrand or not. It is sometimes said that after changing the company name or terminating past services for a new service, some people may say “will you change again?” But I believe this is an appropriate change to strengthen our own structure and to correspond to the major evolution of our mission and for full-scale promotion of our business. 

It is AXXE-L!!!

AXXE-L is derived from “All-in-On Platform by XTREME-D Inc. eXascale for Large Enterprise”.

In the future, our brand name on our website, service UI, materials, etc. will be changed.

Quite a few large companies are interested in our business model and supporting AXXE-L. We also announced today that we received endorsement from Digital Realty (MCDR), the largest data center business company, Lenovo Enterprise Solutions, and NVIDIA. AXXE-L is evolving as a true “Supercomputing as a Service”.

I will update you with what’s happening at XTREME-D in this blog from time to time.

I look forward to working with you.

Naoki Shibata
Representative Director, CEO and HPC IaaS Architect