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XTREME-D’s Challenge to Connect You with Supercomputer Fugaku

Hello, everyone. This is Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D.

Last month, Supercomputer Fugaku was announced as the world’s most powerful supercomputer and I’m sure many of you must have heard the news.

Do you want to use Fugaku?

As we have already announced, XTREME-D was selected as one of the joint research partners for cloud-like use of Fugaku. We will conduct feasibility tests and development work to come up with our plans on how to use Fugaku on our AXXE-L. XTREME-D is committed to work on the following topics for consideration for this project.

  •  AI workloads (especially Pytorch and TensorFlow)
  •  Optimization of workloads running on an x86-based system on A64FX processor 
  •  Validation of bursting API from cloud services
  •  Creating well-optimized file transfer mechanism

Basically, these topics look as very basic validation for IaaS, but we’d like to work with our customers on the application layer as we go through this research.

“I have an idea!” “I’d like to try!” Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas, or if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to use supercomputers through our service. We will continue to provide verification reports and usage ideas on this blog as well. Please feel free to contact us.

I’m sure you are still suffering from the effects of COVID-19. XTREME-D will continue to provide supercomputing as a service and develop new functions that do not slow down research and development, even when working remotely.

Naoki Shibata
Representative Director, CEO and HPC IaaS Architect