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[AXXE-L Feature #1] BYOL License Management Screen for Major CAE Applications

Hi, this is XTREME-D Tech Team.

In this “Tech Blog”, we will be posting technical details of AXXE-L, our Supercomputing as a Service.

We would like to start with the basic features of AXXE-L. However, we first would like to introduce the “License Management (Check)” feature that was recently developed.

CAE application licenses are managed by a license management tool such as Flexlm. AXXE-L is not SaaS and does not have any applications in our service, but customers can bring in their own licenses with the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) method to use the supercomputer as a PaaS.

For this purpose, AXXE-L provides:

  • License Proxy (a function that connects a customer’s license management server to our IaaS)
  • License management display on our web dashboard

Below is how the user interface looks.

You can confirm the number of licenses in operation in this way. In addition, if you click on “VIEW DETAIL”, you can see the details of its usage.

Below shows the number of licenses you actually own and how many of them are actually used.

When there are many types of licenses to manage, they are paginated and easy to use. More features will be added in the future. In some cases, we will customize this function. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us.