AXXE-L by XTREME-D is a platform for CAE, CFD, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and a wide variety of high-performance computations and analyses that require the power of a supercomputer.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is deployed primarily at universities and laboratories, as well as at R&D divisions of commercial enterprises. AXXE-L was developed to grant a wider range of companies and more people access to HPC, by making it easier for anyone to use a supercomputer.

AXXE-L is a subscription-based Platform as a Service (PaaS). The platform includes both indispensable system software and hardware that can support high performance calculation and analysis.


AXXE-L Overview

High Performance Computing (HPC) is an environment for performing demanding calculation and analysis. Traditionally, HPC was deployed at relatively few locations, such as universities and laboratories, which needed significantly more computational power than is available in mainstream computing. But HPC has been deployed much more widely in recent years, as its computing power has been required for emerging applications such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, and so on.

As a result, HPC is used today not only at universities and laboratories, but also at enterprises such as automotive companies, construction companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Additionally, more divisions within a company are now turning to HPC. For example, automotive companies have always deployed HPC for CAE/CFD simulation, but many other divisions now use it as well, for everything from car design using artificial intelligence, to work on autonomous driving programs.

One reason HPC has typically been used in a more limited fashion is that it requires a high degree of very skilled knowledge to set up and maintain a supercomputer, and the more applications it’s expected to run, the greater the technical barrier to entry. AXXE-L was designed to support multiple HPC environments within a single platform. Its design and ease of use allows users without high-end computational skills to easily get started with HPC, and to never have to worry about keeping their system tuned and maintained to support any of their various applications.

Our hope is that with AXXE-L, HPC will become more widely deployed and a greater number of people will have access to a greater number of applications. Our team’s many years of HPC experience allow us to customize solutions for every user’s unique needs and requirements.


AXXE-L Features