XTREME-Stargate (R)
Supercomputer as a Service



Multiple components are needed for HPC workloads. These components can be complicated to install and configure, thus presenting a barrier for companies wishing to deploy HPC. AXXE-L includes all necessary components, and users need not worry about configuring them.

Major Components Supported on the AXXE-L Platform:

Supports Multiple HPC Environments

AXXE-L supports multiple HPC compute models, such as on-premise, managed data center, and public cloud. Users can use AXXE-L exactly the same way regardless of whether they submit jobs on premise, to a managed data center, or via public cloud.

Subscription Model

AXXE-L is a subscription-based service, which makes it easy for users to manage their budgets. Each subscription is a flat monthly fee, access is not billed on a per-use basis.

Jupyter Front-end

AXXE-L runs on a Jupyter front end. Jupyter is an interactive program execution environment that runs on web browsers. Users can write Python-based programs on a file called Notebook and can modify programs to check results step-by-step during execution.

Jupyter has always been widely used in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, and AXXE-L brings its functionality to HPC workloads as well. Different people typically work on the tasks of preparing job workflows and executing them, and Jupyter makes this division of work easier. Jupyter also supports command-line functionality.

Broad Range of Partners

Through a broad range of partnerships with leading technology companies such as HPE, Dell, and Digital Realty, XTREME-D is able to provide solutions that feature the latest hardware and data center technology.

Professional Services

The XTREME-D team is staffed with professionals who have vast experience with and knowledge of HPC. In addition to providing solutions that make the best of available hardware and software, XTREME-D can provide professional services for even higher-performance solutions.