XTREME-Stargate is a gateway appliance that delivers a new way to access and manage high performance cloud.

The appliance removes security concerns when using public or hybrid cloud by providing secure hardware-based data management and
access to two types of dedicated HPC baremetal instances at the “secure” and “secret” security levels at the data center.

The XTREME-Stargate is a small set-top linux appliance that can easily connect to HPC cloud with basic setup over a web portal using the XTREME-DNA interface.

It functions as a “super head node” for HPC cloud clusters, providing access to on-premise, private, and public cloud without integration headaches, and allowing connections to baremetal cloud (either shared or dedicated), in addition to the public cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS that have always been accessible via XTREME-DNA.

XTREME-Stargate comes in two flavors. Shared baremetal cloud utilizes public cloud services such as Azure and AWS and is less expensive, whereas dedicated baremetal cloud runs on XTREME-D’s own datacenters, and is faster and more customizable.

Although XTREME-D’s dedicated baremetal cloud is more costly than its shared option, it is considerably less expensive than similar options offered by IBM, as well as easier to use.

The XTREME-Stargate gateway appliance provides the following new and improved options for HPC baremetal cloud use:

  • Unprecedented dynamic and intuitive UI/UX for HPC cloud
    > Easy to determine and select the best resources for each use of cloud
    > Easy to construct dynamic programmable workflows
    > Easy to estimate the anticipated cost of each workflow
  • Access to shared or dedicated baremetal cloud resources
  • Hybrid cloud capability (supports both baremetal and public cloud)
  • Ability to select from among multiple clouds
  • Dedicated data centers (in US, Japan, or Singapore)
  • More secure data management via hardware key
  • Support for HPC accelerators (GPU, FPGA, NVMe etc.)
  • Support for container technology

Additionally, the following features from XTREME-DNA are also offered for XTREME-Stargate:

  • Cloud subscription management
  • Budget control and cost reporting of public cloud usage
  • Cloud security risk management
  • Templates for creating turnkey HPC systems

XTREME-Stargate was developed to bring more features and larger-scale functionality to XTREME-D’s global customers, who cannot take advantage of the additional services XTREME-DNA can offer when used in conjunction with IaaS provided by SkyScale, as SkyScale is only offered in US-based data centers.

Things to Do at ISC 2018′

Schedule a 30-minute meeting with our HPC Cloud Specialist at our booth (J-513) to learn more about XTREME-Stargate, our new breakthrough HPC cloud solution. We can also hold a general discussion about HPC in the cloud, and you are welcome to ask us any cloud computing questions you have.

Apply for our early adopter Proof of Concept Program to test drive XTREME-Stargate, our ultra-secure gateway appliance for accessing public or hybrid cloud. Click the pre-order button to apply!