Tokyo, Japan, October 30th, 2018- HPC Cloud Company XTREME-D today announced the official release of XTREME-Stargate, a gateway appliance that delivers a new way to access and manage high-performance cloud for the next AI generation. Availability starts​at the end of 2018.

 XTREME-Stargate is an innovative next-generation HPC cloud platform from a start-up focused on HPC cloud offerings. It provides high performance computing and graphics processing and is cost effective for both simulation and data analysis. Following up on the pre-announce of this platform at ISC18, this release details the features of the services provided by XTREME-Stargate.

 The XTREME-Stargate PoC program has been tested with several early adopters. The public services will start at the end of 2018 in Japan, collaborating with Sakura Internet as the major Japanese-focused HPC and Data Center provider. Sakura will offer data center facility and technical support.

 XTREME-Stargate uses the latest Intel-based HPC hardware components (servers, interconnect, software). The main components of XTREME-Stargate are as follows:

1. ​XTREME-Stargate IaaS
 Developed as a cloud-based bare-metal appliance specifically for high-performance computations, optimized for AI data analysis and conventional supercomputer usage. The design includes Intel CPUs, high-speed SSD, and high speed and low latency interconnect. The first implementation in Japan is done with the cooperation of Sakura Internet Co., Ltd as a datacenter partner.

2.XTREME-Stargate Dashboard + HPC Templates
 The front-end system seamlessly connects XTREME-Stargate IaaS and data I/O to users to enable the necessary HPC cloud services to be instantly deployed when needed. With advanced UI / UX, user management, and budget management functions, enterprise users can easily manage and operate their needed workloads. In addition, a number of HPC templates can be instantly created and enable AI data analysis environments to instantly deploy dedicated HPC cloud services. This technology is uniquely designed with HPC and AI workloads in mind, speeding implementation for both on-prem and cloud environments.

3. XTREME-Stargate HPC Gateway (target availability date is April 2019)
 The XTREME-Stargate HPC Gateway appliance connects the customer site and cloud data center. It also enables secure data transfer. Early adopters can add this pre-release feature to their environment. 

4. ​XTREME-Stargate Secure Data I/O (target availability date is March 2019)
 XTREME-Stargate Secure Data I/O is a dedicated multi-layered storage system implemented using the latest SSD technology and parallel file system enabling performance and ease of use. It supports high performance functions for AI workloads where large data analysis is essential and high-speed I/O required. 

Visit XTREME-D Inc booth #236 at SC18 in Dallas, USA from November 12th-15th for further information and to view a brand new demonstration of “XTREME-Stargate”. Schedule a meeting with the CEO of XTREME-D to hear not only the details of XTREME-Stargate, but the strategy behind the development and the future of HPC / AI cloud computing.


 XTREME-D Inc. is a well-funded startup with over 15 years of experience in high-
performance computing and cloud technologies. Their IaaS computing services deliver an easy-to-use customer experience through a robust UI/UX and cloud management features. The XTREME DNA product delivers high-end cloud-based compute capabilities supporting private, public, and hybrid cloud, featuring the latest CPUs, High speed SSDs, and interconnect options. Applications include Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), machine learning, deep learning, high-performance data analysis, and the Internet of Things (IoT). XTREME DNA is delivered in USA from 2017. 


※Information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the press announcement but may be subject to change without prior notice.