Article by Naoki SHIBATA, CEO and High Performance Cloud Architect

XTREME-D’s flagship product, XTREME-DNA, was developed to make it easy and economical to build HPC clusters in both private and public cloud in just in 10 minutes. Cost savings extend beyond equipment, as an HPC architect with the specialized skills required to construct complex clusters is no longer needed.

Two core capabilities enable the solution summarized above — HPC templates and a robust UI/UX.

HPC Template
The HPC template is like a recipe that simplifies cloud deployment while delivering the optimal OS, application, middleware, and setup necessary for code execution, testing, etc. We have developed our own internal framework, accessed via the template, to establish an optimal configuration.

Users can construct a virtual supercomputer of the desired size in the cloud by simply selecting a template, and efficiently process the workload after the setup is complete. We take care of the difficult aspects and components of the configuration. You get your virtual supercomputer in minutes. It is a turnkey HPC cluster.

Robust UI/UX
After selecting your HPC template as described above, XTREME-DNA’s web-based interface guides you through inputting the necessary information, such as required number of compute nodes, password, hostname, and shared disk size.

After deploying the virtual supercomputer, you can quickly check the status of the system — job status, budget usage, security state, job scheduler etc. — all by using the web-based integrated dashboard. You can also use the console of the virtual head node to access this information. To comfortably use these, we have developed a UI / UX that combines operability and user-friendly design.

Virtual HPC Architect
By continuing to improve the quality of these two core functional capabilities and adding related functions to XTREME-DNA, XTREME-D can fill the role of a dedicated virtual HPC architect. XTREME-DNA is a very economical way for end users to benefit from such expertise.

Future blog posts will contain more in-depth technical details about the capabilities overviewed here, as well as information about new functions, capabilities, and products. 

Interested in getting a look at the two core capabilities of XTREME-DNA on your own?  Try it out.