High Performance Computing Platform on baremetal cloud for AI Era

Simple and robust component for both HPC (High Performance Computing) and HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics)

High Performance
General Purpose CPU
to Speed AI and Simulation

High Performance Interconnect
with High Bandwidth
and Low Latency

Multi-Layered I/O by using
NVMe SSD, Memory drive
and Persistent Memory


Planned Data Centers

Main Components

XTREME-Stargate IaaS
Simple and robust component without accelerator (GPU, FPGA) for both HPC and HPDA.

Baremetal Cloud by Intel Architecture

  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • Intel Omni-Path Architecture
  • Intel Optane SSD
  • Intel NUC (HPC Gateway)
  • Intel Parallel Studio (Monthly subscription)

XTREME-Stargate Dashboard and HPC Templates
Sophisticated and easy-to-use UI/UX with data I/O management, user management and budget management.
Library of templates include VM type, OS, middleware, and applications, which allows turnkey HPC clusters deployment in just 10 minutes.

XTREME-Stargate HPC Gateway
Gateway appliance for connection between client site and cloud data center. Function as “Super head node” for HPC cloud clusters providing secure and seamless access to on-premise, private, public and baremetal cloud.

XTREME-Stargate Secure Data I/O
Secure data access based on hardware key and high performance object storage for safe data movement. Data stock at reasonable price is also available.