Architecting Technical Computing in the Cloud

Start with Ease

No need to worry about the complicated configurations. You can easily start using virtual supercomputer just by clicking the deploy button. You will get access to your own ready-to-use system as much as you want at monthly fixed charge.

Hybrid HPC Cloud

Our service is not just for Public Clouds. XTREME DNA can also be used in Private Cloud and in Hybrid Cloud environments.

Smart HPC Templates

We offer HPC templates which create instant turnkey system. By including every step required for the deployment of a virtual supercomputer in the construction of the template, we offer high quality service.

Easy to use UI/UX

XTREME DNA is designed with the user in mind. Our robust and web browser-based UI/UX is visual and easy to use. It can also be customized to meet your needs.

Minimize Security Risk

SaaS is convenient but many clients are concerned about security. XTREME DNA is an IaaS based service using highest standards of professional cloud services.

Managed by Autonomous Engine

XTREME DNA was implemented by skilled system architects with long time experience with supercomputing. It contains functions for easily managing the system, such as auto-scaling recommendations, budget controller with real-time cloud billing data, and many others.

Focus Areas

Deep Learning

  • Real time Deep Learning (Auto Pilot etc.)
  • Needs for large scale HPC Cluster with GPU


  • Deliberate Risk Management
  • Risk modeling for insurance
  • AI Trading


  • CFD
  • Parallel CG Rendering


  • Medial Image analysis (DICOM etc.)
  • Simulation of drug development

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